Optical Fiber Services

Full installation, commissioning and maintenance services on fiber optic projects. We own a qualified team that works in compliance with international standards.

  1. Cable Laying and Pulling Team

Civil works use Micro Trenching machines, excavation and cable pulling use hands inside cities and jetting outside cities for long distance

  1. Splicing teams

Each team consists of two experts [Splicer, Assistant].

  1. Maintenance team

Keeping your network maintained on regular basis is as much important as installing a new fiber. Regular maintenance will prevent failure, increase availability, increase life span of your passive network and reduce cost. To achieve these goals there is need for full time well trained and equipped workforce.

This is where SkyRay come to play by helping you to deliver all the necessary maintenance services including preventive and corrective plans as outsourcing and without you thinking of employee headache. Why not try this today to save much earlier than later.